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The Facts About Anabolic Steroids

Anabolic Supplements and Legal Steroid Alternatives

This article examines how anabolic steroids can enhance the muscle building process.

Anyone involved in the world of bodybuilding, and competitive sport generally, will understand the pressures that go with striving to achieve optimal performance. Sometimes athletes use steroid alternatives because they feel they cannot reach their peak without artificially enhancing their athletic performance. One way to speed up this process is through the use of legal steroids. In this article we’ll examine what legal steroids actually do. In a second article we’ll focus on the dangers associated with steroid use.

buy steroid stacksThe main active ingredient in anabolic steroids is testosterone which is well known as the major male hormone. Testosterone affects the body in two ways, either as an anabolic or an androgenic influence. The anabolic action helps build body tissue by increasing lean muscle mass and bone density. The androgenic actions are those that affect secondary sex characteristics in men.

In recent years research has provided some interesting information in relation to testosterone:

1. It affects muscle size through muscle fiber hypertrophy with an increase in the cross-sectional area of muscle fiber.

2. It takes a dose of at least 300 milligrams of testosterone to raise the body’s level above normal.

3. It acts directly on the muscle itself.

4. It stimulates the release of human growth hormone.

5. It has an anti-catabolic effect.

From these facts we can deduce that testosterone is an effective aid to muscle building and that it must be taken in significant quantities to have this effect. As far as bodybuilding is concerned the science beyond this is somewhat limited as most users base their steroid regimes on little more than trial and error or the advice of seasoned veterans. Due to the illegal nature of black market steroid use little scientific data exists to confirm the safety of the many steroid supplements in use. Legal steroids are the best option for any serious bodybuilder. These types of anabolic supplements are completely legal and very safe.

Because the tendency of some bodybuilders to use a combination of powerful steroids and other drugs that presents the very real dangers that have sometimes led to tragic consequences. While the good news is that dietary supplement technology has come along way. Finally, many steroid alternatives introduced into the market that are getting amazing reviews.


The Facts About Anabolic Steroids
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